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By kirameyerglass, Jan 10 2016 04:50PM

I've been wanting to start a blog for a long time but always held out, unsure of my anker in the craft world, never sure I would still be making the following year because let's face it - it's tough! But now that I am in my 7th year, just completed a Masters and been accepted on the Craft Council Hothouse scheme (Excited!), I suppose I feel a little more confident in my own longivity so I've taken the plunge.

This month I am exhibiting work from my recent MA show. This work is very different from the functional design I have created over the years. I wanted to explore glass as an art material and I also wanted to get involved in digital technologies. Working with glass as my primary material, I have at times felt frustrated by its traditional processes. The new frontier in craft and design is the successful amalgamation of the two: the digital and the traditional, the outcomes are new, fresh and exciting.

The work 'Otherlings' is the culmination of two years of research into photogrammetry, 3D printing (the new) and core casting (the old) and the work itself is a collaboration project with the NSPCC, to highlight the devestating effects of abuse in childhood and present it in a different way to the media coverage. This work is currently being exhibited at The Royal Exchange in manchester where it can be seen until March 27th.

I am very excited to announce I will be taking part in the 6th Hothouse scheme run by the Craft Council and I will be blogging about this here

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